One of the biggest advantages of PeopleLink Video Conferencing is reducing you expenses on travel costs that mainly includes in booking a hotel, food, entertainment and goes one if you count. Now you can say what special with PeopleLink video conferencing software? The answer is that companies and business people investment in our products to get fast, proven ROI (Return on Investment).

Using our video conferencing software you need not to go to the conferencing room every to interact with your clients, experts or professionals, new leads, customers and executives. You can extend from your room system conferencing to remote and desktop users for voice and data communications. Connect any body form any where, our video conferencing software can connect you to your office boardroom, you can join sales meeting from your home, from airport, from care, hotel and any where across the globe over the internet.

PeopleLink enables with business class conferencing over broadband internet and even mobile wireless internet data cards offering complete ROI

Our video conferencing solutions are totally software based, helping you need not to spend money on expensive Hardware installation at all locations. Based on the number of licenses you can download any location, simultaneous logins can be made form anywhere in the world.

Our award winning solutions work even on low bandwidth (256kbps) and helps reducing the high recurring bandwidth costs. We offer flexibility logons form anywhere, be it your corporate boardroom, training room, meeting room, home, hotel or even in a car, using the internet data card.

Making use of our video conferencing solutions, companies realize bottom-line benefits that extend well beyond reduced travel costs. They include:

  • Improving productivity and streamlining business practices
  • Empowering remote workers
  • Reducing carbon emissions

In fact, organizations looking for hard evidence of the bottom-line benefits of high-definition (HD) video and voice communications need look no further than PeopleLink audio and video solutions. Collaborating via PeopleLink video and voice solutions saves companies money every day. Our clients have reduced their expenses and have been using our video conferencing software solutions in the following ways:

  • Team Meetings – 93%
  • One–one-ones – 75%
  • International Collaboration – 60%
  • Planning & Project Management – 58%
  • Partner Communications – 32%
  • Performance Reviews – 27%
  • Sales Calls – 26%
  • Customer support – 21%
  • Recruiting & Interviewing – 19%

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