PeopleLink Corporate Solutions Pvt.Ltd; is one of the best source for video conferencing in India. The Big Business Houses of India are using its video conferencing services now. It is providing the best video conferencing software to its clients; this software is secure, reliable, affordable and easy to use. The advantages from the software are many, and some of the best are put down below.

  1. Quarterly business reviews can be done easily now, using our video conferencing.
  2. Our video conferencing helps in reducing expenses in traveling, booking hotels, in entertainment etc.
  3. Helps in interactive, better and profitable sales trainings.
  4. Better and regular fact to face leading to improve productivity.
  5. It helps in developing a uniform culture and policy structure for all office locations worldwide, unifying the organization.
  6. It helps in better monitoring on employees who work from home, and remote location sales staff.
  7. Conducting customer and vendor meetings on our video conferencing, helps your products hit the market in less time, making every minute count for you.
  8. It helps in faster decision making.
  9. It helps to improve work/life balance and better employee retention.
  10. More Sales: Benefits of being able to present and meet with more customers.
  11. Accelerate Sales: Financial benefit of accelerating the sales cycle (which otherwise is extended while waiting for customer presentations and working meetings)
  12. Customer Training: Financial benefits of improving reach and frequency of training Programs. This many include better product adoption, customer retention and loyalty.
  13. Customer Support: Improving call resolution times with desktop sharing & remote control.
  14. Significantly reduces high recurring costs on bandwidth as PeopleLink Video conferencing uses the award winning technology that works even on low bandwidth (256kbps).

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  1. nice information.

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  2. Seosrija says:

    Video Conferencing is the essential for our busiest work life now a days. To assemble all of the participants in one conversation you have to arrange a conference over Internet for your business exploration. And I think the best feature of video conferencing is provided by Peopplelink.

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